5. Ginger + Tumeric / 01.02.2018

︎ No more instructions, just the ingredients. I have NO idea what I was thinking with design on this one. 😂️ I’m also curious why two playlists within days of one another. 

︎ I think I wanted to show the different music I listened to? This one influenced by my love for funk and soul, the others by folk and rock. Also, the warmth here. This was just the start of winter, my 2nd in the Hudson Valley, I knew I needed something to keep me warm.

︎ This cover is so scary, why? But reminds my somewhat of the Biggie Smalls album. I can imagine myself feeling frustrated with what I was seeing in my head for design and my ability to execute.

︎ Thinking of the ice floes, how Seth would set mic’s underwater to catch them rubbing against each other. Thinking of that friction.